Prince Nuada Comic

Beyond Bethmoora was created in 2010 for some light hearted fun at HRE.

During the making of the Silverlance trailer, many sleep deprived coinversaions happened. One of those conversation shortly become a reality in the form of Beyond Bethmoora. A comic about the creatures of Bethmoora going to the premiere of the Silverlance movie.

The comic was received positively and due to fan requests it is now in the process of becoming a series.


Beyond Bethmoora Vol 1

Written by Joynn

Illustrated by GabLei

Storyboarded by Robyn

July 2, 2012 Beyond Bethmoora Vol II. Began. It will run for 8 weeks.

Bb2 II tp

Beyond Bethmoora Vol 2

Written & Illustrated by GabLei

Storyboard & Edits by Robyn

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